Children’s Education

At Baptism, you were entrusted with the light of Christ. Since then many people have nurtured your faith and helped you recognize and respond to God’s saving action in your life. We, as baptized Catholic Christians, have a responsibility to continue the life-long journey of increasing our knowledge, understand and love of our faith. St. Joseph Parish has many opportunities to nurture and increase your faith and the faith of your family.You have a responsibility, as a parent who, at the time of baptism of your child, made a commitment to God, your child and the Catholic Church to nurture your child’s faith life and provide them with the opportunities to know and love Jesus Christ. Take time to explore the opportunities our vibrant parish has to offer.

As a parent, you have a very special and unique relationship with your child. In order for this relationship to continue growing and developing, you and your child need to keep the lines of communication open. Without communication, relationships suffer.

God wants to be in communication with his children, just as any parent does. Our relationship with God, just as our relationships with others, requires communication to remain healthy. One way we communicate with God is through prayer. God is always with us, inviting us to build our relationship with him through prayer.

In order to help your child develop a lifelong practice of prayer, it is important to set an example with your own prayer life. You can more confidently assist your child as they enter into a deeper relationship with God through their own prayer life.

Parish School of Religion (PSR)

Please visit Parish School of Religion page.

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd

Please visit our Catechesis of the Good Shepherd page.

Rite of Christian Initiation of Children (RCIC)

Children's Liturgy of the Word

All children are welcome to Liturgy of the Word. It is a time for the children to hear God’s Holy Word, discuss and reflect on how to apply it to their own lives. When a grade or grades are invited out, children who are present in that grade may attend, no matter what school they attend, even visitors. We do ask that younger siblings do not come along as the Leader has prepared for the grade called out. If your child is nervous about coming, please bring them in and you may sit or stand in the back so your child knows they are okay.

We also welcome any parents who want to see what their children experience. We follow the same structure as the Liturgy of the Word for the main assembly. We have an Opening Prayer and lighting of the candle. We read the First Reading which is followed by a Reflection and then the Responsorial Psalm with a Reflection. We sing the Gospel Acclamation and read the Gospel. We then have a discussion and reflect on the Word. The readings and discussions are all done at their age level so they can understand the Word and apply it to their own lives. This is followed by the Profession of the Faith and Prayers of the Faithful and then we return to the main assembly after the Offertory Gifts have been taken to the Altar. We remind the younger ones to think about where they were sitting (everything looks different when they walk back in). We tell them that we will stay in the back and help them find their families if they can’t remember where they were sitting. We appreciate those parents who stand or walk toward their disoriented child and help them return to their seats. Any help you can give us to return your child safely to his or her seat would be greatly appreciated.

We currently meet during the school year for the 5:00pm, 8:45am, 10:30am and 12:15pm masses. We do not celebrate Liturgy of the Word during major feast days. Both men and women are welcome to become Leaders. If you want, you can team lead. We also welcome responsible high schoolers who are willing to commit to this ministry. You pick the mass and the grade level you wish to lead and we will try to schedule you for that mass. You must attend “Protecting God’s Children” and then sit in on a couple of sessions with another Leader as part of your training. We give you all the reference materials that you will need. We are always looking for Leaders for all masses! This is a wonderful and rewarding Ministry. Just call and we’ll set you up.

Contact: Kathleen Johnson (636)561-7768
Charlene Connors (314)952-8075



Sign of the Cross

In the name of the Father,
and of the Son,
and of the Holy Spirit,

Our Father

Our Father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name,
thy kingdom come,
thy will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread,
and forgive us our tresspasses
as we forgive those who trespass against us,
and lead us not into temptation
but deliver us from evil,

Hail Mary

Hail Mary full of grace the Lord is with you.
Blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus.

Holy Mary, Mother of God

pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death.

Glory Be

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son,and to the Holy Spirit. As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end. Amen

Prayer before Meals

Bless us O Lord, and these thy gifts,
which we are about to receive,
from thy bounty through Christ Our Lord.

Act of Contrition

My God, I am sorry for my sins with all my heart.

In choosing to do wrong and failing to do good,
I have sinned against you whom I should love above all things.
I firmly intend, with your help, to do penance,
to sin no more, and to avoid whatever leads me to sin.
Our Savior Jesus Christ suffered and died for us.
In His Name.
My God have mercy.

Vacation Bible School (VBS)

VBS 2017 is Monday, June 26th – Friday, June 30th

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