Ignite The Fatherhood Challenge!

Ignite The Fatherhood Challenge!

What if every father discovered his true identity, power & Necessity?

Ignite The Fatherhood Challenge October 13-15

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From the Pastor:

“Years ago I read an interesting statistic on Dad’s As Spiritual Leaders of Their Families.

If Mom is regular church attendee but dad is non-practicing

  • 2% of children become regular church attendees
  • 37% were irregular church attendees
  • 61% did not attend church at all

If the dad is a regular church attendee (regardless of the mom’s attendance)

  • children’s regular church attendance varied from 33% to 44%.

That is an incredible statistic. The conclusion from this study stated that dads have a much greater influence on their children in regard to faith development and Mass attendance that the moms regardless of how often or how seldom the mom attends Mass. So, dads should NEVER underestimate their influence on their children when it comes to the faith of their children. Needless to say, it is essential that dads be the spiritual leaders of their families.

One way to foster your faith is through daily prayer with your family, reception of the sacraments and participating in an annual retreat or day of recollection.”

–Monsignor James Callahan, Pastor


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