Daily Spiritual Life


  1. We are members of the Catholic Christian Community, which aspires to live together in the manner Jesus taught His disciples. All the members of our school community, "participate in a fraternal communion, nourished by a living relationship with Christ and with the Church."[Pope John Paul II] St. Joseph School strives to promote a school environment based on these Gospel values. The spirituality of communion is particularly important in today's Catholic school. Pope John Paul II wrote, "We need to promote a spirituality of communion, making it the guiding principle of education wherever individuals and Christians are formed, wherever ministers of the altar, consecrated persons, and pastoral workers are trained, wherever families and communities are being built up."[2] The spirituality of communion is a guiding principle for St. Joseph School.
  2. The students participate in daily prayer, weekly school Mass and monthly adoration. St. Joseph School Chapel provides students with a place for prayer and adoration.
  3. The Catholic faith is taught throughout the day and incorporated into the curriculum. Students participate in daily religion classes.