The Path to Solidarity


"By this all will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another" (Jn.13:35).

This one simple act, love for one another, is the mark of the Christian community. The love of Christ in the world is the path to solidarity. All people share the image and likeness of God, and this fact alone serves as a basis for commonality and solidarity.

Although we face a culture of increasing secularization characterized by a growing indifference to God and the absence of moral principles, we find solidarity within the community of believers. A community that affirms life and truth. One that leads us to the service of those in need - material and spiritual. In them, we come to understand that the "face of Christ shines forth in every human being" (Pope John Paul II, The Church in America, 52).

Telling Others About Christ by the Way We Live

So much of what we do consumes our time and energy - work, family, entertainment, social activities. As Christians we can bring a genuine spirit of the love of Christ into all that we do. More than friendliness and good cheer, a deep and abiding love witnesses to Christ's presence in our lives. This is our call to "bear witness before the world to the love of the Father, who wishes to make humanity a single family in his Son" (Pope Benedict XVI, God is Love, 19).

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