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Special Needs Program

Special Religious Education Development (SPRED)

SPRED is a program for students with special needs that provides religious development and education through spiritual movement, music and liturgical words. We do not use textbooks. Instead we use objects, song and specially designed activities. Students, working with skilled catechists, use play-doh, puppets and manipulatives to learn about God and Jesus. Catechists use story boards to talk about scripture and work toward preparation for the sacraments. We have specially designed “kits” for sacramental preparation. Some of our students are non-verbal so pictures and music help them to understand basic simple concepts of our faith. We have a 1:2 ratio or a 1:1 ratio depending on student needs.

Our SPRED ministry has caring, patient catechists who individualize their curriculum and activities to meet the needs of our special children. We have discovered the love and joy that our children give us at each session we are together. We have discovered how Christ is present in the hearts of everyone in our SPRED classes. We have discovered how SPRED is not just a ministry of serving others, but a ministry that fulfills our own spiritual needs of growing closer to Christ.

For more information contact Mary Doerr at the Religious Education Office 636-441-0055 x301