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From Monsignor Callahan – Ministry Meetings Online

From Monsignor Callahan – Ministry Meetings Online

Dear Parishioners,

Hopefully, Easter was a joyous time for all of you and you were able to watch our Easter Triduum Services and Easter Sunday Masses.  We are now in the Easter season and normally this would be a time of First Holy Communions and Confirmations.  Both of these sacraments will be scheduled at a later time.  The Archbishop has delegated me to confer the Sacrament of Confirmation upon our eighth graders when the time is appropriate.

As difficult as it is, I am trying to maintain some sense of relative normalcy for our parish organizations, ministries and committees.  What I am proposing is for our parish groups to consider making use of ZOOM and continue to meet with your various organizations.  I know our Parish Council will be meeting by way of ZOOM for our next meeting.  The St. Vincent de Paul Society did this last Tuesday. ZOOM is free for meetings up to 40 minutes. For extended time, ZOOM is $14.99 a month per host. Skype is also an option. This is free to all who download the Skype App. Meetings on Skype can hold up to 50 people for 4 hours. Please call Katie Boehmer at 636-441-0055 ext. 162 for questions regarding ZOOM or Skype.

All the leaders of our various ministries, committees, organizations, etc. are encouraged to make use of modern technology to stay connected with your specific group.  I realize that for some groups, this may be impractical. But for other groups, it can be a great avenue of continuing to meet with the parishioners that you have worked very closely with over the years.

I am also hoping that our Bible Study groups will meet through ZOOM or Skype.  I encourage you to contact every member of your Bible study group or faith support group or Ignite or Fishers of Men, etc. and meet by way of ZOOM or Skype.  Some of you may already be doing this and please continue meeting this way.

If you need any help setting this up, please contact the Parish Office at 636-441-0055 ext. 100 and we will find someone to assist you.

God bless,

Msgr. Callahan