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Moms Monthly Dose of Grace

Moms Monthly Dose of Grace

Monthly Dose of Grace is a session held once a month where a new topic will be explored to help us grow in all stages of our spiritual journeys. If you need a spiritual “shot-in-the arm,” more peace in your life or a prayer “face-lift” this is the place to be!

Sunday Evenings: from 6:30-8:00 p.m. in the St. Joseph Room on the following dates:

September 18, 2016- “The Feminine Genius”

Join us for our kick off Monthly Dose of Grace event!  Kenrick-Glennon Seminary Professor Dr. Shawn Welch will speak to us about our feminine genius!  We Will discuss the vocation and mission of women in the world as well as the problems and the prospects of what it means to be a woman in our time.

October 9, 2016- “A Childlike Faith”

Join us a s we discuss John Paul II’s understanding of God as a Father who longs and to be loved.  We will also learn how to help our families experience this incredible gift!

November 13, 2016- “Hope in a Fallen World:  Catholic Political Thought”

Join us as we discuss how to remain joyful and hopeful in tumultuous political circumstances.

January 15, 2017- “The Life of Grace”

Join us as we discuss the role of grace in salvation.  What exactly is grace?  How do we receive it?  And how do we help our children to receive it?

February 12- “The Beautiful”

Join us as we discuss beauty:  its importance, the role it plays in Catholic life and worship, as well as how to bring it into our homes.

March 12, 2017- “Morality?  Why does it matter?  and Where does it come from?”

Join us as we discuss the Catholic understanding of morality.  How does the Church decide what is right and what is wrong?

April 9, 2017- “The Church as Mother”

We refer to the Catholic Church as “Our Holy Mother the Church.”  Join us as we discuss how the Church is our mother and what we, as mothers, can learn from Her.

May 21, 2017- Social