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We most often think of prayer as a petition – asking God for something. There are also prayers of adoration, intercession and thanksgiving. Prayer is man’s search for God. In prayer, God engages our heart.

The family is the first place of education in prayer. . . where God’s children learn to pray (Catechism, 2685). It is the responsibility of all parents to foster family prayer. To teach a child to pray is to prepare him or her to confront a world filled with temptations and confrontations. Paul in his letter to the Romans invites his disciples to “join me in the struggle by your prayers to God on my behalf” (Romans 15:30).

The Catechism of the Catholic Church calls prayer a battle (2725). The spiritual battle of the Christian’s new life is inseparable from the battle of prayer. It is a battle against ourselves and against the tempter who does all he can to turn us away from God. Praying takes courage, passion, and a heart that is awake and on guard.

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