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Spiritual Growth

Adult Religious Education

The path to conversion, communion and solidarity

Spiritual growth is a journey. The Catholic home is the place where this journey begins. It is where we learn that our faith is a treasure to be shared and passed on to the next generation. We have assembled a variety of ways for you and your family to study, be inspired, pray and grow in your faith.

In 1999 Pope John Paul II came to St. Louis, the first time a pope had visited our city. Prior to his visit, he had traveled to Mexico City where he delivered a formal message to all the Americas of the Western Hemisphere.

The Holy Father invited all people to find Christ by following a path to conversion, communion and solidarity.

The priests, teachers and people of St. Joseph Parish invite you to join them on this path. We welcome you to share in the strength and beauty of the Catholic faith, to encounter the living Jesus Christ.

The Path of Conversion
The Path to Communion
The Path to Solidarity