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Athletic Association


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Athletic Association Meeting

All parents of children participating in sports at St. Joseph-Cottleville are welcome to join us for the monthly Athletic Association Meeting. Come find out what’s going on in with our sports programs and see how you can help!

When: First Thursday of every month
Time: 8:00 pm
Location: Knights of Columbus Hall
5701 Highway N
St. Charles, MO 63304


Jim Wulkopf

Vice President
Jeff Willman

Andrew Lister


Matt Flick


Contact Us


CYC District Representative

Teri Mack


Andrew Lister, andrew.lister01@gmail.com

Eric Olson, eols118@hotmail.com

Teri Mack, tlmack56@yahoo.com

Baseball & Softball:
Matt Flick, matthew.j.flick@gmail.com
Jeff Willmann, cardinalfan.jeff@gmail.com
Andy Prost, andyprost@hotmail.com

Amanda Tesdall, amandatesdall@gmail.com

Rich Greiner, richard.greiner@siemens.com
John Miller, isumillertime@gmail.com

Tom Johnson

Ref Coordinator
Soccer Refs:
Dave Sanders, davidsanders18@gmail.com





Concession Stand Coordinator
Teresa Bush

For Parents

St. Joseph-Cottleville Sports Programs

Fall Sports (registration timeframe: April & May)


Winter Sports (registration time frame: September & October)


Spring Sports (registration time frame: February & March)

Baseball & Softball

For additional information on a particular sport, please click on a link above.

CYC ID Cards

All children must have a CYC ID card to be eligible to play all CYC sports.
CYC ID Cards Information

Please note: if your child plays more than one CYC sport during a season (e.g. soccer & volleyball), it’s a good idea to purchase a CYC ID card for each sport.

Field Locations & Maps

CYC Field Locations, Maps & Driving Directions

Concession Stand Information

There are THREE concession stands:

  • St. Joseph Cottleville – inside by the gym
  • St. Joseph Cottleville – outside by the soccer field
  • Knights of Columbus
What do I need to do?
  1. Each sport will have a separate concession stand duty schedule. If your child(ren) play multiple sports in the same season…be sure to check all lists!
  2. Determine when and where you have been assigned to work concession stand duty. You may be assigned to work at St. Joe and/or the Knights of Columbus fields concession stand.
  3. Each sport website page will post the concession stand schedule. Click the link to search for your name.
  4. When you arrive to work your shift, be sure to sign the log showing that you worked so your concession deposit is not cashed!!!

Concession stand coordinator
Chris Keithly, twister722@gmail.com

Other Helpful Links

St. Charles District CYC Athletics Website
St. Louis CYC Website

For Coaches

Coaching requirements MUST be completed before the sports season begins or you will be ineligible to coach and must be removed from the sports roster.

Coach Requirements (Head & Assistant Coaches requirements are the same)

The following information is for new and returning coaches.  Per the CYC, in order to participate as a volunteer with CYC sports, you must be on a roser.  In order to be on the roster, you must compete the following steps.

  1. Attend a Protecting God’s Children workshop. (only take one time)
  2. Register at Prevent and Protect STL to complete online training and paperwork
  3. Take the online Coaching to Make a Positive Difference course.  This can be done before the PGC workshop, but the CYC will not issue a CYC ID card unless the adult is on the Archdiocese’s list of people who have completed the PGC workshop.
  4. After completeing steps 1, 2, and 3; the adult then needs to apply for a CYC ID card.  You will need to know your Coaching to Make a Positive Difference ID number (you will receive this number after completing the course).
  5. You are required to bring your CYC ID card to every game.  Any adult that has not completed these requirements, or does not have their card on them at the game, will be ineligible to participate in the game.
The CYC requires all coaches, assistants or helpers (age 18 & up) working with youth or youth sports teams to complete Prevent and Protect STL. Instructions are below.

* Assistants or helpers under the age of 18 do not have to complete Prevent and Protect STL, but must sign the minor code of conduct and return it to the Parish Office.

Schedules & Information

Prevent & Protect STL Registration Instructions
Coaching to Make a Positive Difference class schedule
To obtain a CYC ID Card

If you completed Protecting God’s Children in the past or at another parish, please contact Marie Turner (636) 441-0055, ext. 134 in the Parish Office.