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Thank you for your interest in playing CYC soccer with Saint Joseph. We are excited to have you be a part of our program! If you are interested in volunteering with soccer or athletics, please send us an email.  We would love to have you be a part of our program!

Soccer Registration now open

Registration Soccer session will open April and close on June 1st.

Children must be 4 as of July 31 to play soccer.

Soccer rule books can be found at CYC Rulebooks

Online Soccer Registration

Soccer Schedules

Pre-K and Kindergarten game schedules are posted on the welcome page of SI play

1st grade and up game schedules are posted on the CYC website once they become available.


Coaching Requirements

The following information is for new and returning coaches.  Per the CYC, in order to participate as a volunteer with CYC sports, you must be on a roster.  In order to be on the roster, you must complete the following steps.

  1. Attend a Protecting God’s Children workshop.  (only attend one PGC workshop)
  2. Complete the paperwork in the PGC workshop so that the parish can do a background check.
  3. Take the online Coaching to Make a Positive Difference course.   This can be done before the PGC workshop, but the CYC will not issue a CYC ID card unless the adult is on the Archdiocese’s list of people who have completed the PGC workshop.
  4. After completing steps 1, 2, and 3; the adult then needs to apply for a CYC ID card.  You will need to know your Coaching to Make a Positive Difference ID number (you will receive this number after completing the course).
  5. You are required to bring your CYC ID card to every game.  Any adult that has not completed these requirements, or does not have their card on them at the game, will be ineligible to participate in the game.

ID Cards

All players must have a CYC Photo ID Card.
Apply for your card before the season begins.

Rainout Line

Download the app “Rainout line”

The rainout line is updated any day that there are games scheduled to be played.  The link for the rainout app can be located on that linked page.

Saint Joseph Cottleville (636) 496-0031

Knights of Columbus Cottleville  (636) 496-0031

Volunteer Hours (including but not limited to Concession stand duty)

Patents are required to work volunteer hours for each child that participates in soccer.  A signup genius link will be sent to you prior to the season, to sign up for a time and date that is convenient for you.  This link will be posted on the welcome page of SI play once the signup is over.

Only head coaches are exempt from concession stand duty.

Please note that missed volunteer hours will result in your SI play account being affected.

For assistance with volunteer hours, please contact Roberta LeRoy at saintjoesoccer@gmail.com.


Uniforms are ordered during registration.

Practice Field Location

Knights of Columbus
5701 State Highway N
St Charles, MO 63304


Soccer Coordinators

Matt Culler & Andrew Lister

Referee Coordinator

Tom Schmittegens