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Scenes Of The Nativity

Scenes Of The Nativity

You and your family and friends are invited to the 2021   


“St. Joseph Cottleville Scenes of the Nativity”


Hosted by:

St. Joseph COTTLEVILLE Catholic Church


1375 Motherhead Rd

Cottleville, MO 63304


Saturday  Dec. 4th from 12 NOON to 7:00 pm

Sunday    Dec. 5th from  9:00 am  to  5:00 pm


MISSION: The mission of “St. Joseph Cottleville Scenes of the Nativity” is to create a welcoming environment where all can reflect upon the true meaning of Christmas.


How did “St. Joseph Cottleville Scenes of the Nativity” become a tradition?  What is new about the event this year?

In 2007, a group of parishioners from St. Joseph Catholic Church in Cottleville, MO viewed a display of nativities at a Mormon Church in St. Louis—which led them to discuss the possibility of hosting a similar display at St. Joseph. That year, the tradition began and was held annually through 2011 and bi-annually since then.  2021 marks the TENTH time that the Parish will have hosted this event in 14 years.

Since 2007, the support of the parish and larger community set the path for the tradition to continue! Of special note is the support of believers who have agreed to share their prize possessions year after year. Since the beginning, Carol and Chuck Ehlert displayed many of their worldwide, lifelong collection of nativities and involved their whole family. This year their family will be displaying special nativity sets honoring the memory of their parents.  Their story is just as meaningful as their creches.

2021 is the FIRST TIME to move from the Thanksgiving weekend; FIRST TIME to change location to the new Parish Hall; FIRST TIME to use QR codes with direction from media specialists, and the FIRST TIME to lose the title of “BEST KEPT SECRET”.


Why should we display our creches?


Together, we are openly manifesting our faith in Jesus as Lord and Savior at His birth. Sharing our nativity set(s) with the larger faith community is a way of evangelizing.  Nativity sets help us reflect on the meaning of Christmas and our own faith journey. The cost of the creche has no impact on its importance to us. The connection we have with it does. Sharing our nativity sets invites others to reflect on Jesus’ birth and their faith journey too.

Why should nativity sets be registered with pictures? 

Registering sets and attaching pictures allows for advance planning for needed space. Owners are responsible to bring in, set up display, and disassemble their own creches.  Viewers and volunteers may enjoy, but not touch them.

Why Should Students and Adults Volunteer?

By volunteering, we help keep the tradition alive. Also, witnessing to our faith with our friends and families strengthens us and them too.

Volunteers (Grades 6 to ADULT) work together and serve as ambassadors of St. Joseph Parish as they interact with the larger community, greet participants, direct exhibitors to their set-up areas, introduce families to the layout of the PARISH HALL, assist in the Little Angels’ Activity Center and the Photo Op Area, assist with the Scavenger Hunt, the Attendance prizes, and the Raffle. Adults supervise areas, support students as needed, monitor the nativity sets, manage the RAFFLE and 50/50 drawing, and serve as resources. Adults and older teens are also needed to assist with the heavier work during set-up and clean-up.

On Whom Does the “Little Angels’ Activity Area” Focus?

Children with their families (birth to Grade 5) are invited into the no cost “Little Angels’ Activity Area” to share with one another using nativity-themed hands-on puzzles, books, play props, and more.  Supplies needed to make nativity-based crafts are in “St. Joseph’s WORKSHOP” in the “Little Angels’ Activity Area”.


What Can My Family Expect to Do in the Photo Area?

Family members (of all ages) are invited to dress up in provided outfits and pose as members of the nativity scene. Each family picture is FREE and is taken by a professional photographer.

Thank you, Everyone, for your contribution to the success of this event.

ALSO, PLEASE COME … and share the invitation with your families and friends!