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Since the founding of our country, and throughout our history, Catholic men and women have dedicated their lives to teaching children in Catholic schools. Our own St. Philippine Duchesne is a radiant example of a person dedicating her life to fulfill the Church’s educational mission. Our local patron saint of education inspires us to continue to create in our school community “an atmosphere that enlivens the Gospel spirit of freedom and charity” (Pope John Paul II, Springtime of Evangelization, 81).


St. Joseph School adheres to the Archdiocesan policies on curriculum. The curriculum of St. Joseph School is approved by the Missouri Non-Public Accreditation Association and aligned with national and state standards in each subject. In teaching the curriculum, St. Joseph teachers utilize methods associated with best practices.

The following subjects are taught at St. Joseph school:

  • Art
  • Band (optional for students in grades 4-8. In 5-8 grade band replaces regular music class)
  • Computer/Technology (classes are taught to all grades)
  • Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Music
  • Physical Education
  • Religion
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Spanish
Sacramental Preparation

Students in grade 2 and grade 8 participate in the sacramental preparation program of St. Joseph Parish. Grade 2 students prepare for the sacraments of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion during religion class. Grade 8 students prepare for the sacrament of Confirmation during religion class. Students and parents are required to participate in all sacramental preparation activities of the parish, including meetings, retreats, and other requirements.


Welcome to St. Joseph School’s beautiful new library, the academic hub of the school. The library typically is buzzing with students, selecting books or magazines for research, recreational reading, or AR reading. A certified library media specialist and a staff of dedicated volunteers assist students as they use Alexandria Researcher, the on-line public access catalog (OPAC) to locate or place a hold on books they want.

When classes in kindergarten through second grade visit weekly, a volunteer (usually a class parent) provides story time. The library media specialist teaches a short class on topics such as book care, the parts of a book, and finding information in a book. Students then select one book from the primary section and check it out for one week.

Classes in grades three through five also visit the library weekly. Along with lessons about using the OPAC, the Dewey Decimal System, and researching on databases, students and the librarian discuss books and authors and occasionally have story time. Students typically have time to select or renew a maximum of two books from the primary or fiction/nonfiction sections of the library. The check out period is two weeks.

Students in grades six through eight visit the library individually. Sixth graders select books from the fiction/nonfiction section of the library, including a number of titles designated as “sixth grade and up.”

Seventh and eighth graders may also choose titles from the Young Adult fiction and nonfiction sections of the library. Students may check out up to two books for two weeks.

Other aspects include materials such as books, magazines, and videos for teachers to use in the classroom; the annual book fair; and a “take-one, leave-one” library for adults. The library will continue to develop to fulfill its mission to support the mission of the Catholic Church, the parish,  and the school.

Come visit us at the library!

Resource Department

The Resource Department of  St. Joseph School demonstrates a commitment to provide a Catholic education for all families of the parish community. Supporting the students, teachers and parents, the Resource team  is comprised of a Learning Consultant, Resource Teachers, a School Counselor and a Resource Aide.  The Resource Department provides small group instruction, academic support, and individualized attention to students who are in need. St. Joseph School uses the Care Team model which is a school-based group of professionals whose primary goal is to address and resolve the issues of struggling students.

Kids Instructed Through Enrichment

Kids Instructed Through Enrichment (K.I.T.E.) is a program designed to offer enrichment to students who excel in the regular classroom. This program, currently offered in second through fifth grade, challenges students to use the gifts God has given them. The curriculum includes the development of critical thinking skills, problem solving, planning, investigating and implementing projects that utilize the child’s creativity and originality. The lesson plans are based on Bloom’s Taxonomy of Higher Level Thinking Skills. Students who qualify for the KITE program leave their classroom for 90 minutes a week to attend KITE classes. Students must meet a set criteria to qualify for the program.